Updating Licenses & Installing New Products

Jonathan Semones -

Yay, you bought a shiny new Lucity product!  Use the following steps to set it up:

  1. Place the new LicenseCodes.xml on your network.  This will typically go inside your LucityServer Hive in the Licenses folder.  If there is an older file you must delete it or rename it to something else.
  2. Run Client Maintenance from a workstation that has Lucity Desktop installed.
    • (Start > All Programs > Lucity > Admin Tools > Client Maintenance)
    • On the Login screen make sure to point to the new LicenseCodes.xml
    • Click Next
    • Click Next
    • Click Update
    • Click Finish
  3. The new license file should be installed now.  You will need to restart IIS on your Lucity Web server and Lucity Mobile server for the changes to take effect for those applications.
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