Record Renumber

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Important! Renumbering records without using the following tools is not covered by Lucity Support.  We can provide information, and answer questions, but cannot do the process for you.  If you would like Lucity to do this for you then contact us and we will give you a quote.

From time to time organizations may change and the way they track their assets.  There are times when an organization needs to change how they identify their assets.

Each Lucity record contains two identifying numbers the Common ID and the Rec #.

  • Common ID - The unique user-defined ID for the record in the Lucity system.  This ID forms the basis for the Lucity > GIS Integration.
  • Rec # - The unique database-defined ID.  This forms the basis for linking records within Lucity.  This number cannot be changed.

The Common ID is the number that organizations typically want to renumber.  Since this number is the basis for the Lucity > GIS integration it is important that if your assets are also stored in your geodatabase that they are renumbered in both systems.

Because of the critical nature of the Common ID we suggest you only renumber features using the listed tools.

Renumbering records that are stored in Lucity and ArcGIS

All renumbers that are done for both Lucity and GIS records are done by Lucity tools within ArcGIS environments.  The tools provided for renumbering make changes to the inventory record and all related records throughout the Lucity system.


Renumbering records that are stored in Lucity

Some modules allow you to change the common ID directly in these modules.  However, renumbering this way only updates the inventory record it does not update related records.  There are not currently any tools that allow you to bulk renumber records within the Lucity itself.

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