Migration - Moving Documents into the Document Hive

Jonathan Semones -

Lucity Desktop and Lucity Web both provide a way to add documents to Lucity without uploading the document.  This leaves the document in place but links to its location.  Lucity Web and Lucity Mobile now give you the ability to upload the document.  This moves the file into the Lucity Document Hive and links to it from this location. 

Uploading documents is superior because it allows the Lucity application to do the work of managing the files and ensures that the documents are available from all Lucity applications.  Often as clients begin to use Lucity Web and Mobile they want to consolidate their documents into a single location.  

Use the following instructions to move your organization's files.  You may you use both depending on the files you are moving.

Your files are stored in groups in one or more centralized locations

In this scenario, it will be best to move the files in groups.  They will not be stored in the actual Internal Document Hive but will be stored in close association and the Lucity Document Server will also have access to the files stored here.

  1. Locate your Internal Document Hive that you have setup for Lucity.  This is the location where all your Lucity documents are uploaded to.
  2. Create a Transfer folder in the same directory as the Internal Document directory.transfer_folder.png
  3. Move the directory that stores all of the documents that you want to move into the Transfer folder.
  4. Go to the Lucity Database.
  5. Each section of the program has a table that stores the documents for that section
    • CMDOC - Common, Environmental
    • EQDOC - Equipment, Facility, Fleet
    • WKDOC - Work, Inventory
    • WTDOC - Water
    • SWDOC - Sewer
    • SMDOC - Storm
    • PKDOC - Parks, Trees
  6. You will need to write an update statement that will find the documents which were moved and update their path to match the new location.


Note: This will need to be repeated for each of the tables listed above.

Your files are stored individually in various network locations.

In this scenario, it might be best to locate each file and use the Lucity Web documents tool to upload the document and attach it to the record in Lucity.  This will transfer the document into the Document Hive and will give the Lucity Document Server the ability to manage it.

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