GUIDE: GIS Web Map Administration

Jonathan Semones -

This guide goes over configuring Lucity 2017r2 to work with an ArcGIS Portal to enable extra functionality with Lucity Web.  It also covers some special functions within the Lucity Web Map that are reliant on this integration.

    ACT 2019 - Download PDF


Portal Config and SSO Editing an Existing View
Registering with Portal Configuring Layers and Basemaps
Behind the Scenes Default Basemap
Resetting Portal Integration Configuring Tools
Single Sign On Configuring GIS Views for the Menu
Secured Services Configuring Default GIS View Settings
Logged into Portal and accessing a secured service federated with Portal Utility services in Lucity Admin
Logged into Portal and accessing a Web Mapo secured service not federated with Portal Geocoding Service
Not logged into Portal and accessing a secured ArcGIS online service or ArcGIS Enterprise Service Geometry Service
Lucity Maps vs Web Maps Routing Service
Lucity Web Map Gallery Configuration Printing Service
Lucity Base Map Gallery Configuration Deprecated System Settings
Limiting Gallery Results by Tags Lucity Spatial
Lucity dashboard Map Limitations of Lucity Web GIS in 17r2
GIS Views  
GIS View Design  
Creating a new GIS View  


Older Versions

    ACT 2018 - Download PDF

    ACT 2017 - Download PDF

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