Migration - Database

Jonathan Semones -

Use the following instructions to move the database to a new SQL server and reconnect the other Lucity components.

  1. Make a Full backup of the database(s) you are moving. 
  2. Copy the backup to new SQL server and restore database(s).
  3. Go on a machine that has Lucity Desktop installed and look for the Client Maintenance program.  A link can be found under the Start menu > Programs > Lucity > Admin Tools.
  4. Run Client Maintenance 
    • Point the existing licenses to the new SQL Server instance.
    • Make sure the Database names are correct
    • Make sure the Logins for the Lucity_User and Lucity_Gateway logins are what you want them to be on the new server.
    • Click Next in CM and Finish.
  5. * Update DSNs.  This is done by running the Lucity DSN Utility on each desktop machine. (this tool is found in the desktop install's bin folder and will repoint Lucity Desktop to the Lucity Server and SQL databases.).  It can be run silently as part of a script, so they can push the change out through active directory.
  6. * Uninstall and reinstall any of the following that you have: Lucity Web, Web Citizen, REST API's, Mobile Server.  Make sure during these installs to point to the new SQL Server instance.
  7. The process is complete.

* If you are planning on upgrading Lucity at the same time you can skip these steps.  Just make sure that during the web installs that you point to the new SQL Server Instance.

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