Migration Overview

Jonathan Semones -

This document outlines the steps that you will need to follow in preparation for a migration.  The instructions provided here are based on Lucity's standard operating procedure for setting up the Lucity System.



  • What components are you moving?
    • This may be just your database or it may be your entire Lucity system.
  • What are the Lucity requirements?
  • Where will the moved components go?

System Planning

    • Write down the Servers you will setup.
    • Write down the Lucity components you will be installing on each server.
    • If you are redesigning your entire system you can use our sample System Design Documents to guide you for an ideal design.


  • Pre-install checklist.
    • This is a document to prepare for a successful installation based on the agreed system architecture.  Furthermore, this will help prepare the system prior to Implementer/s kickoff meeting (optional).
  • Setup Active Directory Users to run Lucity applications.  The following users should to your Active Directory.  You can use your own AD users, these are just the standard ones that we use some of our applications.

    • Lucitysvc - Lucity Server User.  This user should be used to run the Lucity Services.
    • Lucitydoc - Lucity Document Server User.  This user should be used to run the Lucity Document Server.


Complete the install using the following resources


  • After a successful migration make sure you keep track of your Servers, users, and passwords.
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